Darren kester

Darren  is a petroleum engineering technologist with experience in well optimization and troubleshooting. His operations experience as well as his attention to detail and organizational skill set keeps the brewery running smoothly.

mARK fErguson

Mark is a mechanical engineer with experience in manufacturing design.  His true passion is farming.  His knowledge of the land and quality farming practices allows for the supply of unmatched malted barley for our brewing process. 


Owen is a mechanical engineering tech. Before coming to work at Prairie Brewing, he designed oilfield equipment. Owen's knowledge makes him a great asset to successfully brewing all of our beers. 

RYAN Ferguson

Ryan is a mechanical engineer specializing in refrigeration process design. His process knowledge and interest in the development of craft beer recipes has helped in the development of our line up of beers.


In January of 2015 we all took a trip together with our spouses to Australia. Along the way, we managed to tour a brewery. One night, after a few pints, we began to discuss the idea of starting our own brewery. "Looks easy enough", "can't be that hard" we said. We had a few laughs and carried on with the trip.

​When we got home, we began talking about it again and thought, "you know we should really do this". Over a year later, here we are. The one thing we underestimated in our plan was the 'easy' part. We are proud to say though, that we have accomplished our first goal of starting a brewery and are working at furthering our goals of expansion.